Helpful Tips For A Dumpster Rental

1 July 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Do you have a lot of stuff to get rid of in your house that won't fit in your residential garbage bin? The best thing for you to do is rent a dumpster, as you may be able to get rid of everything at the same time. Using the residential dumpster can lead to the cleaning process taking a long time to complete. Below, you will discover a few things that should be considered when renting a dumpster.

Give Some of Your Belongings Away

You must keep in mind that when you rent a dumpster, there will be a weight limit that you must abide by. Going over the weight limit by overfilling the dumpster can lead to you having to pay an additional fee. It is in your best interest to give the items that can still be used away instead of throwing them in the trash. If you don't know anyone who needs what you are getting rid of, simply box everything up and give them to a charitable organization. A charitable organization might even pick the boxes up, depending on which one is contacted.

Make Sure the Dumpster is Large Enough

It is ideal to rent a dumpster that is larger than what you think you will need. Your goal should be to fit everything inside of the dumpster without it becoming full before you are done cleaning up. If you end up needing a full dumpster picked up and a new one delivered, you will accumulate more fees. Paying a little extra for a dumpster that is larger than you might need is smart because the rental company will only have to come to your property two times, which is to deliver and pick up a single dumpster.

Be Careful About What is Placed Inside

Before you begin filling up your dumpster, it is wise to thoroughly look over the rental agreement to find out what is prohibited from being placed inside. Different dumpster rental companies will usually have their own guidelines for filling the dumpsters, but most of them do not allow hazardous items. You might be charged an extra fee if hazardous items are placed inside of the dumpster because they must be disposed of in a specific way. For example, an old refrigerator that still has Freon in it might be considered hazardous. Rent a dumpster so you can begin cleaning up as soon as you are ready. Talk to a company like Tri-State Disposal for more information.