3 Signs That You May Have A Failing Septic Tank

5 August 2016
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Your septic tank requires regular maintenance. Without it, like any home appliance or amenity, it can quickly fall apart or into a state of disrepair. It could very well be the case that you're suffering an ailing septic tank that is on the verge of death and you just don't know it. Read on and discover just a few signs that your septic tank might be failing.

Sewage Backup

A professional should be cool as soon as humanly possible if you notice any sewage backup in your bathroom or kitchen. Sewage backup is, luckily, incredibly easy to detect. If your sink or shower drains are emitting a foul, almost overpowering stench, coupled with the presence of a thick liquid pouring its way upwards through your piping, then you unfortunately have a sewage backup. A sewage backup is also, unfortunately, a sign that your septic tank is failing and simply cannot meet the demands that are pressed upon it.

Water Pooling in Drainfield

The piece of your lawn where your septic tank sits is called the drainfield. This is where a small amount of water is dispensed from the tank itself. The amount of water that your septic tank dispenses should be almost unnoticeable, which is why if you see water pooling in your drainfield, then you have a definite problem on your hand. If you do notice that water is pooling on your drainfield, this is oftentimes a sign that your septic tank is not properly parsing the waste from the water that is present inside of the tank. This could also mean that a sizable amount of waste is being drained into your drainfield.

Drains Draining Slowly

Drains that are draining slowly are certainly not a surefire sign that your septic tank is failing, but it very well could be the case. Although often times symptomatic of a clog, if you notice that all of the drains in your home are emptying quite slowly, then you should potentially brace yourself for the worst. This can also be the case if your toilets are draining slowly but without a noticeable clog. In a worst case scenario, this could mean that your septic tank is cracked and the water that you are emptying into it is refusing to drain. If no auger is doing the trick for you, then it could be the case that your septic tank is in need of repair or, worse yet, replacement.

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