Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Reducing Waste In Your Business With An Industrial Shredder

12 August 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


The amount of waste your company produces on a daily basis can add up quickly. Paying to have dumpsters picked up and brought back every day can be extremely expensive and cause a serious dent in your profits. The key to saving money for waste removal is by reducing the amount of waste you have hauled away from your business. Waste like cardboard boxes can add up fast, but they can be reduced to shredded paper, meaning boxes will take longer to fill dumpsters. Find out how integrating an industrial shredder into your workplace is beneficial.

Making More Room                                        

If your employees end up with several cardboard boxes scattered around the workplace floor during a day of production, you may find the clutter in the way of machine access for mechanics and the cause of confusion. Your business production can be faster and more efficient when cardboard boxes are placed into a shredder as soon as they are emptied of their contents. On-site cardboard shredding can also reduce the space your boxes take up in recycling bins. Shredded cardboard can easily be compressed and stacked inside bins.

Reducing the Risk Of Accidents

When empty cardboard boxes are stacked up near machines after materials are emptied, they have a greater chance of falling over because they are lightweight. When boxes fall onto an employee as they walk by, that employee could stumble from being startled. Stumbling can lead to falls that may end up being serious, especially if an employee falls into a machine or hits his or her head on a hard surface or object. Making it a rule in your workplace to take emptied boxes to the shredder as soon as they are emptied is a good idea to prevent clutter that causes accidents. You can save time for your employees even more by placing smaller cardboard shredders on each line or in each department for shredding boxes without leaving the work area.

Making A Smaller Environmental Footprint

When you tell your customers you recycle and shred your cardboard on-site, you can enjoy the bragging right of being environmentally aware. Many customers will remain with you because you care about the environment, meaning your profits will remain at a successful level. In today's world, being environmentally conscious means a lot to consumers and influences their choices for products and more.

Taking advantage of every way to save time and money in your business is an essential part of remaining profitable in today's tough economic times. Adding a cardboard shredder to your workplace can increase your chances of saving time and money. For more information, contact local professionals like Norm Gordon & Associates, Inc.