3 Bins To Add To Your Community Recycling Efforts

25 August 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


When you think of recycling you probably think of plastics, paper, and glass. Though these are the big three of the recycling world, there are other things you can recycle that can reduce waste in landfills. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your local community recycling center efforts, and to give people more recycling options, here are three bins you should consider adding.

Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phone recycling is becoming increasingly popular in many communities. This is due to people upgrading phones more often and having broken phones that are taking up space in their home with seemingly no way to get rid of them. Though you can take used phones to certain major retailers and recycle them there, or through kiosks, this isn't an option people in smaller communities may have. Adding a cell phone recycling bin will help those members of your community safely get rid of old and broken phones and can lead to a small profit if you connect your recycling efforts to a larger business that pays for older used and damaged phones.

Water Filters

Major companies that offer water filters for your faucets, showers, and for specially designed water pitchers have started working with local communities to offer filter recycling. This is a bin your community can add by contacting the major filter brands. The bin can then be added to your community recycling, and when full, the contents can be sent in for recycling. This prevents them from being tossed out or put into the plastic recycling and being tossed out because it doesn't meet the requirements for waste management recycling.


Just like with cell phones and water filters, many manufacturers are now offering recycling efforts for old eyewear, specifically prescription glasses. These glasses are collected and sent to various manufacturers to be refitted and sent to underprivileged areas of the country and the world. You may need to contact several companies to find out where to send the various types of glasses, for example children's prescription eyewear may be accepted through a different provider or charity than adult prescription glasses.

These three bins would add to your community efforts, help manufacturers reduce their waste by giving them items to recycle rather than having to produce new items, and give your community a chance to get rid of items in their home that normally would accumulate or end up in traditional waste.